Price is understandably one of the main concerns for most people when hiring a  professional cleaning company.

We all like to get a great deal. The problem is what is a great deal, very few people actually have any idea of what it might cost them and that can be unsettling.

Prices in Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning vary hugely, and you need to understand that shopping on price alone is a risky thing to do!

Can I please let you know straight away that if you are looking for a quick surface clean for the cheapest possible price then that is not us and you should look for this elsewhere!

Hunts Cleaning prides itself on

  • Providing the very best service
  • Using the best systems and products on the market
  • Delivered by a family firm who have years of experience as well as the highest levels of training!

It is not possible to provide all this and charge next to nothing.

What we do offer is great VALUE!

Value is what you get and price is what you pay. Completely different things.

Its all very well paying £80 to have your entire house cleaned , but when the firm turns up with a glorified hoover and sets about cleaning your valuable furnishings with little or no care and attention then you may have the cheapest price in town but you're getting no value for your money. - and you will likely end up with your items being ruined or detrimentally effected by what they have been subjected to.

So yes price is an issue, but don't pick a company based on price alone.

Our Service is Extraordinary and Our Prices Fair!

With pricing, I can help you to a large extent over the phone. When you call have some basic details ready such as items/rooms you would like cleaned and rough measurements. The following information is standard for all jobs-

Minimum charge for a call out and spot clean is £120 inc vat. (Spot clean is classed as a spillage/stain one metre sq or less).
Minimum charge for any other type of clean or service is £150 inc vat.