Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Is it true that once you have had your carpet cleaned it gets dirtier quicker.

A - This was true many years ago when cleaning with  shampoo was the normal way and home owners tackled their carpets themselves. Chemicals and cleaning machines are a lot more sophisticated these days and providing consumers are using quality truck mounted steamers then rapid re soiling is not a problem.

Q - How long will my carpet take to dry?

A - Drying times for carpets and upholstery vary greatly due to the following conditions

  • Relative humidity within the environment
  • Adequate ventalation introduced to the environment
  • The degree of soil contained within the carpet or fabric
  • The level of competence of the cleaning technician
  • The moisture retension rates of the relative fabrics

Regardless of all the above the drying time of carpets and furnishings should be within 24 hrs. In favourable conditions it can be a lot quicker

Q - Do you use chemicals to clean?

A - Every cleaning system uses some form of chemical . Water is a chemical and forms the basis of most cleaning solutions. A good experienced company will be using safe chemicals and will rinse the furnishings to ensure no chemical  residues remain within the fibres. Hunts Cleaning always finish with a pH balancing and fresh water rinse.

Q - Will my carpet shrink?

A - We will inspect the carpet prior to any cleaning taking place. During this inspection any risk of potential shrinkage can be identified and discussed. It may be that the carpet fittings are not secure and require correction. Some carpets are more prone to shrinkage and may require an alternative method, this will be discussed with the client before any work proceeds.

Q - Does the room have to be cleared?

A - No, but it does help if any breakable items are removed from the room including those in cabenits that are going to be moved. It also helps if any small items of furniture are also removed. We can move larger items within the room, and they will be replaced on foil tabs or polystyrene blocks and put back in position. These blocks should remain in place until the carpets are dry to prevent staining from furniture legs.

Q - Will all the stains come out?

A - Most marks will come out during the cleaning process. Some of the more difficult dye stains may require some more specialist treatment. Any success at removing these type of stains is often diminished by home remidies that have already been tried before we are called out to deal with them.

Q - I have black lines all around the edge of my carpet, will they come out?

A - It depends on the severity of the marks. these marks can be permanant as they build up over years and aggresive cleaning of carpet edges can result in fraying.

Q - The areas in font of my settee are particualy bad, can you get it all out?

A - The dirt can be removed but the continual foot movement from all the people who use the furniture will usually have damaged the carpet fibres. This abbrasion will cause a difference in light reflection, giving the appearence of light soiling.

Q - I have just bought a steamer, can I clean my carpets and upholstery with it

A - Although these steam machines are often advertised as being suitable for carpets and upholstery, BE CAREFUL. The twist in a cut pile carpet is heat set and high heat or steam can release the twist giving your carpet a felt like appearance. The use of these machines on velvet style fabrics will result in severe distortion damage.

Q - Can i put the cushion covers in the washing machine?

A - Not advisable.....the zips are fitted on cushions for the ease of the manufacturers to get the foam fillers into and not so the consumer can take them off to wash. These zips are not very strong and can easily break. The covers can shrink making it difficult to get the fillers back in. Some washing powders will affect the colours in the fabric causing them not to match the frame.